Retreats and Yatra

Wellness Retreat Programs

To gain the fruits of Sadhana, setting the right environment and atmosphere is important. For many people, a change from the routine can work wonders. Anaadi's retreat programs are offered in sacred places in India like Rishikesh and Haridwar which are not only scenic spots but are of great spiritual significance. The low temperature, altitude, streams and rivers and the serenity make these destinations ideal for being peaceful and harmonious within. The retreat programs combine Yoga, meditation activities, tours and discussions based on Indian Philosophy.

Retreat 2015

Retreat 2016

Anaadi Yatra

Pilgrimages are important part of the Indian culture and tradition. They provide an opportunity to challenge your phyiscal, mental and emotional limitations to get a taste of the divine. Anaadi Yatra takes participants on a tour of the most sacred places in the Himalayas. Participants will get the opportunity to trek, meditate and soak in the beauty of the himalayas.

Yatra 2016

Yatra 2017

On Wheels

Anaadi On-Wheels programs are day tours to nearby places of spiritual significance. Stories from the Indian puranas are narrated during the bus journey. Participants also get to hear the sthala purana and meditate at these destinations.