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  • We seek your support to continue and expand our rural education program .
  • Your donation will be utilized towards food, transport and volunteer expenses
  • The learning center is located in aivar malai, near Palani and can seat more than 300 children
  • The cost per session is about Rs. 6000

VIBE Target Impact

Hours of Training

Per Child

2017-18 Target Impact

Children from 15+ Villages


Focus Areas


Tech, Social Work and Eco

Anaadi VIBE

Village Integrated Basic Education

The Indian School educational context provides great opportunities for innovation as the children belong to diverse economic, social, geographical and cultural background. With 84.71% of the 1.5 million schools in India being rural schools, the highly limited quality of education and access to educational resources continue to remain a great challenge. National Achievement Survey (NAS) for Classes 3,8,5,10 in 2015 has decisively brought out that urban schools significantly outperform rural schools by a large margin in Science and Mathematics.

While access and attendance have significantly improved in India, it is time for serious focus on learning outcomes at schools. Anaadi VIBE is an innovative, wholesome and a cost-effective program that can inspire children to strengthen their basics and expand their working knowledge leading to an enhanced of education.
The VIBE program is designed to reach out to 1000+ children through weekend schooling, satellite off-school programs and one-time learning programs like Rural Science Fairs .

Vidya Daanam

Inclusive Education

  • Weekend School
  • STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math Education
  • Language Labs: Technology Enabled English Education with speech to text and text to speech capabilities
  • Preparing rural children for Nationl talent exams
  • Life Skills: Practical skills through visiting Banks, Post Office and Utility Services
  • Rural Science Fair: #Scicomm initiative for 600-700 children to learn science in local language

Arogya Daanam

Holistic Health

  • Playful Yogic Exercises
  • Hygiene Awareness
  • Environmental Sustainaibility Education
  • Value Based Education through Stories

Anna Daanam

Food and Nutrition

  • Healthy Food
  • Balanced Nutrition
  • Ayurvedic Cooking
  • Raw Food Supplements

Enrich Your English Piloted across 10 schools in Tiruppur district and offered for underpriviledged children that are part of VIBE, the program is soon rolling out throughout Tamil Nadu in collaboration with the State Government and civil society. the program has benefitted more than 2000 children so far. The program also involves Tablet supported language learning with Speech to Text and Text to Speech capabilities.

Rural Science Fair Conducted annually, Anaadi's Rural Science Fair is a #scicomm initiative that attracts 600-700 students. Science demonstrations, experiments and DIYs are offered in Tamil language for the benefit of rural children and adults of the local population.

STEM EducationStudents visit the center and go through STEM education in batches of 60 throughout the year. Both rural government and private school students are part of these classes.

Sustainability EducationSupported by the UN Global schools program and ESD ExpertNet, this program creates awareness of Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) among rural children. Offered in local language with a global vision, children are exposed to principles of responsbile consumption, waste management, sustainable health, construction, energy and agriculture. Over 8000 students have been part of these sessions.

Rural Maker Education Designed in-line with NITI Aayog's Atal Tinkering Lab, Anaadi's Rural Maker's Lab introduces children to cutting edge technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, IOT Programming and game design.

Venkatapathy S

Lead Educational Researcher

With a PhD from Gran Sasso Science Institute, Italy, Venkat is a great science communication enthusiast and an all-round intellect. He priorly worked with Amrita E-Learning Research Labs and Cognizant.

Sooryanarayan D G

Course Designer & Instructor

Recipient of the Gold Medal and Joshna Memorial Award 2015 for his Masters at Amrita University, Soorya is the CEO of EduSeva. He priorly worked with Amrita E-Learning Research Labs and Tata Consultancy Services - CTO Group.

Prajna Cauvery

Course Designer & Instructor

Head of Learning and Development Division at EduSeva. Cauvery is the Co-Lead of the Anaadi Sustainability Awareness for the Young (ASAY), an UN initiated SDG Partners Program.


Program Manager

With a BTech in Electrical Engineering and great passion for field work, Dharanidhar manages the day to day operations of the VIBE program.

Shri. V. Adinarayanan: Adinarayanan is the co-founder of the not-for-profit Anaadi Foundation. He has an MS in Computer Engineering from North Carolina State University, USA. He has a rich experience teaching Information Technology and Cultural Education for 10 years at Amrita University. Through Anaadi Foundation, he currently offers programs on the themes of "Life, Leadership and Success" combining insights from Yogic Sciences, Mahabharata and Cognitive Sciences. Through EduSeva Technologies, Adinarayanan offers Joy of Learning, Joy of Teaching and Technology workshops to various educational institutions.

Smt. V. Smrithi Rekha: Smrithi Rekha is currently a research faculty at Center for Research in Advanced Technologies for Education (CREATE Labs), Amrita University. She has an MS in Information Systems from State University of New York, Buffalo, USA and Amrita University. She is a visiting faculty to the University of L’Aquila Italy. Her current area of research involves Cognitive Science approaches to improving the teaching and learning process. She is also the co-founder of Anaadi Foundation and the initiator of Bala Kathaalaya, a story telling and book reading space for children.