Yuvodayam: Awakening Young Leaders

29 Aug -2 Sep 2019

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The current global leadership challenges expect a holistic individual who is analytical in problem solving, creative in design and innovative in approach. Such cohesive action requires inner clarity and better knowledge of the self. This program is for aspiring change makers who want to transform the world by transforming themselves. Leadership ingrains multiple refined values such as empathy, integrity, discipline, sincerity and compassion. In this program we look at integrating these values through the Indic Knowledge tradition in letter and spirit across the body-mind-spirit framework.

The human body is a wonderful instrument and when consciously maintained can be put to effective action. In the 5 days residential retreat we work towards reconfiguring and understanding this instrument better through traditional wisdom. Daily energising yoga routines, cleansing ayurvedic dinacharya practices, an alt outlook towards health & nutrition will help one feel rejuvenated. One can get a practical sense of how stuff works thereby with expert guidance can develop a more personalised schedule that can be integrated to cultivate a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

The immersive stay in the ashram environment sets in a introspective atmosphere spontaneously. The daily chores are simplified to help one declutter the mind, redefine and identify essentials through the process of self-determination. Expert talks on hand-picked topics serve as food for thought. Such unlearning process widens one’s perspective, sharpens the intellect there by helping in efficient decision making.

Guided meditation session, electrifying campfire discussions, stay with nature in all its rawness will naturally help one explore and get in touch with inner-self, realise the essence of their true potential. This process also helps one establish strong connection with their core and the larger cosmos there by help blossom a natural sense of ownership through empathy and compassion. The depth of experience through the process of self-discovery is very transformative.

The program is designed to be physically, intellectually and emotionally intense and stimulating so that the participant can challenge their own limitations and wake up to an expanded perspective about self and this life at large. While providing a nurturing milieu to grow inside out the program aims at making the participant sustainable and self reliant in all walks of life. As Swami Vivekananda said, “You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.”. Yuvodayam is a program to discover this inner teacher.

Spirited individuals from vibrant age group of 18-30 years are eligible to apply for the program. As you network and collaborate with like minded, enthusiastic participants new vistas of opportunities opens up through exchange of ideas and involvement in platform for social action.


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When: 29 Aug - 2 Sep 2019
Where: Anaadi Foundation, Iyvar Malai, Palani, Tamil Nadu - 624621
Duration: 5 Days
Batch Size: 60
Selection: Application ~ Interview ~ FCFS

Focus Areas

~ Foundational Principles of decision-making
~ Frameworks of right action
~ Understanding self & purpose in life : Swabhava-Swadharma
~ Charting a Life Path through insights from Bhagavad Gita
~ Sustainable Living from the Indian ethos
~ Stress Management through simple yogic techniques
~ Intuitive Health through Ayurveda

Travel Details

Bus will be arranged by Anaadi Foundation for all participants from Coimbatore to Ashram. The bus will leave from Coimbatore on 28th of August post-lunch. Exact details will be communicated to selected participants.

The Program


- Daily Yoga
- Ayuredic Menu
- Treks
- Dinacharya


- Expert Talks
- Group Activities
- Case Studies
- Campfire Sessions


- Meditation
- Sustainable Living
- Silent Hours
- Star Gazing

The program will commence on 29th August 2019 (arrival on 28th August Evening) and conclude at 4.00 pm on 2nd September 2019. The youth-centric retreat program offered by Anaadi Foundation will address dynamic issues faced by current day youth. Retreat is designed to be a blend of:
~ Inspirational Talks
~ Group Activities
~ Trekking nearby ancient hills
~ Simulations and Role Plays
~ Yoga and Meditation
~ Analysis of real world social issues and co-creating solutions
~ Ayurvedic cooking
~ Self-Reflection and Q & A

Spirited individuals from vibrant age group of 18-30 years are eligible to apply for the program.
~ College students
~ Youth taking a break year
~ Seekers thirsting for refining life-experience
~ Young leaders: Business, Social and Political
~ Doers who can envision and are very action oriented
~ Youth interested in contributing to the society and the nation at large
~ Academicians

Admission Process:
Step 1: Submit online Application form given below
Step 2: Interview over Telephone/ Google Hangout
Step 3: Selection

Admission to the program will be based on the Statement of Purpose and motivation of the candidates. Candidates will also be interviewed on why they would like to be a part of this program, how they plan to utilize the learnings from the program and integrate it with their future endeavour.

Program donation INR 9,000/- per person as early bird offer till 20th July, 2019. Beyond that donation will amount for INR 11,000/- per person. Donation covers shared dorm accommodation, food, session-charges, local travel around ashram, visit to near-by scenic location, travel to and fro from Coimbatore to Ashram. Scholarships are available to full time students, early bird registrants or group of 4 or more registering from same organization/institution. Students will need to submit institution ID proof to avail scholarship.

Registrations close on 15th August 2019
Early Bird registrations close on 20th July 2019.

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